Lumbung Indonesia is part of a research project to see how collectives in Indonesia have evolved since 2000. The preliminary research was conducted by Ade Darmawan and Rifky Goro from 2000 to 2010. The existence of collectives in Indonesia during that time was seen as the result of a centralistic art production where most art centers were located in big cities. #documentafifteen #harvestedbyputra #lumbungdotspace #lumbungindonesia #harvestedbyputra


The first chapter is entitled multi-species storytelling Three women set a fire on shovels. With muttering mouths, they approach the audience with smokes spreading from their shovels. Not long after, the sound of nature is heard. chirping birds followed by thunder. Someone hums causing goosebumps. #newruralagendasummit #documentafifteen #jatiwangiartfactory #harvestedbyputra


Jatiwangi art Factory: New Rural Agenda Summit (21/06/22) Visitors take turns getting a seat at a round table made of arranged bottle boxes—collectives and individuals involved in documenta, delegations from Germany, Indonesia, mayors, artists, and many others are coming together in the space. #newruralagendasummit #documentafifteen #jatiwangiartfactory #harvestedbyputra


It is connected to cooperative leadership, bossless leadership, or, in another word, autonomy within a collaboration One last important thing is it is owned by everyone. When it works, 8% of the money raised is to pay for the team working to create the technology needed. #lumbungkios #learningsession #documentafifteen #opencollective #carolinewoolard #harvestedbyputra


Open Collective is built by open source engineer. A group of people comes together to create it. It doesn't steal confidential data. There's also a group of non-profit people with knowledge of working with NGOs and charities. Another group is grassroots organizer activists with expertise in democratic decision-making. How, then, to get these different worlds to come together? Caroline shows a slide with a diagram. #lumbungkios #learningsession #documentafifteen #opencollective #carolinewoolard


Open Collective (Learning Session - Lumbung Kios, 26/05/22) People are in the same virtual room to learn about open collective. It starts with the introduction as a short check-in. Our speaker is Caroline Woolard, an American artist, and organizer, whose work explores intersections between art and the solidarity economy. So, what is open collective? The most important thing to say about open collective is it serves for two things: raising money and having a non-profit status.

lumbung.space is online!

drawing by Indra Ameng Soft launch of the lumbung network’s online platform lumbung.space is a social and publishing platform by and for the lumbung members and artists of documenta fifteen. The platform allows members of the lumbung network to connect, support each other, and share knowledge collectively while making the process visible to the public. The website will continuously evolve but is based on slow-growing with new tools added over time.

Where is the Art?

Different cultures have different concepts and definitions of art. documenta fifteen processes are no exception, where the definition of art becomes another space for conversation. The involvement of lumbung inter-lokal from various cities in the world has come with different concepts. When this is brought together in the context of documenta fifteen taking place in Europe, a new dynamic takes place. At least two main features are visible. The first is the tendency of how art tends to be associated with objects resulting from the achievements of individual genius.

Some Notes on Lumbung Kios

(Learning Session with Kate Rich – 04032021) Everyone from different cities is joining. They are from lumbung members, mostly: Gudskul from Jakarta, Festival Le Sur Niger from Mali, Britto Arts Trust from Dhaka, Trampolin House from Copenhagen and others. It was started with a quick introduction. Kate is currently in Tasmania, Australia. She’s going to talk about the feral trade. As an artist, she has been dealing with trade for almost twenty years.