Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures

Collaborative Research Project Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures is a collaborative research project that seeks to investigate land rights and the social and political agency of nature from non-extractivist perspectives. The project has an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on practices that reveal worldviews at the intersections between land rights and climate justice, questioning and opposing Euro-capital-centric and dominant narratives. Based on experimentation and collaboration, the project explores formats that challenge the hierarchical structures of production and presentation of knowledge, incorporating the voices of artists, collaboration and exchange in the development process.

Possible Dialogues

The Possible Dialogues Journey Diálogos Posibles/Possible Dialogues is an initiative to connect social and environmental leaders, activists, artists and academics who have common interests relating to climate change and justice, but have not had the opportunity to interact. It was sparked at the end of 2019 by a conversation between Hector Fabio Yucuna Perea, Youth Coordinator of the Organisation of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC) and members of Más Arte Más Acción.

Atrato [collaborations]

ATRATO [COLLABORATIONS] is a series of collaborations between Swiss-based and Colombian-based artists. Its focus is a river with bio-cultural rights; the Atrato in the Pacific region of Chocó, Colombia. It begins with dialogue between the artists and local groups and the communities that interrelate with the river. ATRATO [COLLABORATIONS] addresses the relationship between humanity and the natural world from different geographic and cultural perspectives. It is intended as a long-term process between artists, activists, cultural and environmental organisations.

UTOPÍAS EN LA SELVA [De la escucha y del afecto]

“The purpose of this residency is to make the act of listening a dedicated, affective and complete bodily activity with the aim of increasing and expanding the awareness of sound in as many dimensions as is humanly possible and in that process, to create binaural recordings that serve as a testimony and archive of a place with an absolutely rich sound complexity.” The following are some of the sound captures of Guachalito’s surroundings, made by the artist and Aaron Dilloway.


Between 3rd and 7th December 2019, Bogotá hosted “Choral Narratives & Feminist Archaeologies”. The meeting of Choral Narratives & Feminist Archaeologies is a programme that brings together stories of women artists whose practice questions the forms of production and experimentation in the field of art from feminism. Multiple stories burst into the official history where knowledge in mystical, historical, anthropological, alchemical creolisation re-situated and nourished the possibility of other collective imaginaries.


Continuing their co-creative practice with nature and its inherent intelligence, the artists travelled to the Chocó Base to share their knowledge and consider the territory for a long term exploration that joins the need to think holistically about humanity’s role and relationship with what we call “nature”. Their presence was inspiring, and encouraged different levels of conversation. Tactile conversation (massage sessions), community conversations and visits to the museum Historia de los Abuelos, the villages of Joví, Coquí and the monitoring plot at the base.

Cali Dance Biennale

The workshop took place from October 22nd to October 31st 2019 at Más Arte Más Acción in Guachalito near Nuquí and was led by Senegalese choreographer Germaine Acogny. A group of seven dancers from the Corporación Jóvenes Creadores del Chocó participated in the workshop to give continuity to the choreographic and critical imaginative work. It followed Acogny’s “Revolución Pazcífica, Bailes de Resistencia” (Pacific Revolution, Dances of Resistance), from the individual and collective body of a rural and urban Chocó that creates discourses from movement.

VI Seminar on Arts Education in Chocó “Territorios PluriVersos”

The VI Seminar of Artistic Education of Chocó “Territorios PluriVersos” took place in Quibdó, Chocó, between 11th and 14th September 2019. In this edition, work was carried out on the territorial diversity found in Chocó, based on problems that intersect biodiversity, narratives about the multicultural territory and the complexities that surround it. It also presented management perspectives constituted by human and non-human relations, in search of alternatives that serve as common tools that can be extrapolated to the Colombian Pacific.

3er Festival de La Tigra/Más arte, más debate

Led by Edson Velandia, ‘El Festival de la Tigra’ has been held annually in Piedecuesta – Santander since 2017, with the aim of creating cultural spaces for the establishment of critical audiences in the region. It has stood out in its different editions for the variety of its programme, in which it has provided spaces for creation and exchange between musicians, artists, researchers and cultural managers. At the third edition of the festival, we participated with “Más Arte, Más Debate”, in order to enrich the discussion on current issues, exploring the intersections between art, citizenship and politics.

Rogelio Salmona Fellowship 2019

Architect Gregorio Maya was selected as the third and final fellow of the Rogelio Salmona Fellowship programme. In the framework of the Post-Conflict, he explored how the spatial configuration in Salmona’s public buildings affects movement and collective living. This was done with a view to a potential encounter for social reconciliation. “I can conclude that any exploration that occurs during my stay here will be completely driven and shaped by events that happen here.