Letter of Solidarity

17.08.2022 Dear visitors, passersby, Kassel community, we are part of the sobat-sobat, the team of art mediators employed at this year’s documenta ffteen. Our intention behind writing this letter of solidarity is to publicly show our support, trust and respect for the Artistic Direction ruangrupa, the invited collectives and artists, curators, staff and the corresponding local networks. They all have worked passionately to create one of the most relevant art exhibitions at this time.

We are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united.

Scroll down and click on the tab “Public Signatories” if you wish to add your name to the list Dear Christian Geselle, Angela Dorn, Susanne Völker, Claudia Roth, the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders of documenta, We are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united. We have tried our best to stay above the chaos, hostility, racism and censorship that have engulfed this edition of documenta. We have tried our best to stay focused and committed to our work and the promises and hopes of the lumbung.

Rolling Competition in documenta fifteen 2022 (Recap)

Just Rolllllll by lumbung artist Nhà Sàn Collective is a competition of rolling with unexpected criteria. Roll your way with food, tobacco, humor, and love. Participants can bring edible ingredients to join the rolling and win something.The Nhà Sàn Collective, together with invited artists, is organizing a public program at documenta fifteen with a performative, participatory work in the spirit of the practice of lumbung. By fusing Asian cuisine and music from around the world, the project aims to create a sense of community and belonging.

Meydan #1

documenta fifteen public program MEYDAN #1MEYDAN MUSIC FESTIVALby Festival sur le Niger, RRREC Fest, Cinema Caravan 8, 9, 10 July 2022Fri – Sat: 4 pm – 11 pmSun: 4 pm – 10 pmKarlsaue Park, Kassel, Germany A collaboration between 3 festivals (Fondation Festival Sur Le Niger, Cinema Caravan, and RRREC Fest) with performers from various backgrounds across the world, to deliver a 3-day gathering in a casual hang-out atmosphere that is intimate and friendly.


On July 30, 2022 16:00–18:00 (guided tour 16:15) you are cordially invited to the Open Labs and Open Studio at the research platform BAU KUNST ERFINDEN | BUILDING ART INVENTION: How to weave and braid with solid wood? How to transform light into energy and energy into light? How can concrete grow green? How to combine old crafts with new technologies? How do microstructures interact with macrostructures? We combine artistic practice with scientific research.

Cinema Banner Mural Painting | Britto Arts Trust

CALCUTTA 71 Noted director Mrinal Sen’s CALCUTTA 71 was released in 1972. A collection of four stories representing the Naxal Movement in Bengal and the effects of the social, political, and financial crisis of the 1970s that eventually led to a lack of food and starvation in a chaotic, classified society. All four stories in the film address the unsafe situation in society. A family is sent to a safe shelter in the middle of the night as the family lives in a slum area and is part of the lower class of society.

And They Die a Natural Death

Nguyễn Trinh Thi, 2022 Installation, mixed media Durational Blending elements of literature, sound, image, and technology, Nguyễn Trinh Thi creates a live theatre in which the wind from Tam Đảo forest in Vietnam takes center stage. And They Die a Natural Death takes inspiration from a scene recounted in the autobiographical novel Tale Told in the Year 2000 by Vietnamese writer Bùi Ngọc Tấn (1934 – 2014). Set in Tam Đảo forest outside a prison camp in Northern Vietnam in the 1960s, the scene recounts an incident where famished inmates stumble upon a wild bird’s eyes chili forest after an exhausting day of forced labor and become crazed for its taste, a flavor which reminds them of home.

lumbung.space is online!

drawing by Indra Ameng Soft launch of the lumbung network’s online platform lumbung.space is a social and publishing platform by and for the lumbung members and artists of documenta fifteen. The platform allows members of the lumbung network to connect, support each other, and share knowledge collectively while making the process visible to the public. The website will continuously evolve but is based on slow-growing with new tools added over time.

Where is the Art?

Different cultures have different concepts and definitions of art. documenta fifteen processes are no exception, where the definition of art becomes another space for conversation. The involvement of lumbung inter-lokal from various cities in the world has come with different concepts. When this is brought together in the context of documenta fifteen taking place in Europe, a new dynamic takes place. At least two main features are visible. The first is the tendency of how art tends to be associated with objects resulting from the achievements of individual genius.

Some Notes on Lumbung Kios

(Learning Session with Kate Rich – 04032021) Everyone from different cities is joining. They are from lumbung members, mostly: Gudskul from Jakarta, Festival Le Sur Niger from Mali, Britto Arts Trust from Dhaka, Trampolin House from Copenhagen and others. It was started with a quick introduction. Kate is currently in Tasmania, Australia. She’s going to talk about the feral trade. As an artist, she has been dealing with trade for almost twenty years.

Lumbung Assembly 11 March 2021

“Welcome everybody. Can you hear me?” Said Morten Goll. He did check-in. “This is stick from Trampoline. It is brought from southwest of the US. Somebody will pass it. It is interesting to know what people eat in different part of the world.” Everyone mentioned what they eat the last time. Some mentioned salad, coffee, orange juice. Morten: We’re thankful for being in lumbung. It’s amazing to have support from lumbung and documenta.

Lumbung Assembly 10 March 2021

“Welcome everyone to lumbung majelis. Today I am going to be the host with Lara. We’d like to describe today’s agenda.” Ameng started the conversation. “We’ll start with INSTAR today. We do a short introduction with Gertrude on economy. And come back to check out. To join the split, click on the three dots. Remember to click on interpretation, for interpretation. Spanish, French, and Indonesian. Also, we have harvest today.

Lumbung Assembly 09 March 2021

When the second day of the assembly began, FAFSWAG, a collective based in New Zealand got their turn for the introduction. It is one of the new lumbung members. Hi, everyone. I am Moe Laga. I am a performance artist, also an actress. I am Felencia. I am a transwoman from Samoa. I am of some lineage to German and Chinese. I am a performance artist. Been in FAFSWAG since 2013.