Arab Theatre Studio and Pari invite you to a sharing of experiences and reflections from documenta fifteen on Saturday 12 November. Come come 💓💓 Members from two western Sydney collectives Arab Theatre Studio and Pari travelled to Kassel, Germany earlier this year to participate in documenta fifteen through Gudskul's collective studies program 'Sekolah Temujalar'. Here, we undertook a nongkrong (‘hanging out’) curriculum - exploring how cooking, cleaning, living, studying and karaoke-ing together is instructive for our collective practices.


Lumbung Indonesia is part of a research project to see how collectives in Indonesia have evolved since 2000. The preliminary research was conducted by Ade Darmawan and Rifky Goro from 2000 to 2010. The existence of collectives in Indonesia during that time was seen as the result of a centralistic art production where most art centers were located in big cities. #documentafifteen #harvestedbyputra #lumbungdotspace #lumbungindonesia #harvestedbyputra

Practicar el Lumbung. Un reccorido en imágenes por documenta 15, por Alejandra Villasmil

Practicing the Lumbung: An Overview of documenta 15 in Pictures, by Alejandra Villasmil 。。。English translation below 。。。 La historia está plagada de capítulos sombríos donde los intereses geopolíticos y económicos terminan por incidir en la libre expresión cultural. En los casos más complejos, terminan en censura y autocensura. Desde este sur global, solo basta mirar los casos de Cuba y Venezuela. Lo acontecido en la última edición de documenta se inserta precisamente en este juego del poder político, que tristemente ha acabado por socavar el derecho a la manifestación artística de un grupo de participantes de entre los 1.


we don't say "goodbye", we say "see you soon" or "see you in jakarta!" #documentafifteen 📸 by mr. andreas webber (sadly that this photo is without farid who has left home due to visa limitation)🙏🏿

Nongkrong, small challenge, yet it’s just that we’re here now…

Documenta15 is over. This is the first time that I felt sorry that the exhibition is over.I tried to write this several times before the end of the 100 days, but I couldn’t: whether to write an official, write a personal , or this hesitation prevented me from writing.Now, I think I should write.NongkrongDo we have a Nongkrong? There is a Nongkrong in Indonesian. This means “Let’s hang out!”. All of our friends used it in Kassel.


I am honoured to announce that my work has been collected by, and is now included in, the Documenta Halle Worker's Kitchen Collection! 😀 #documentafifteen


we forgot about time because pigeons don’t use watches 🐦 a story, coming soon! with k.o.k.o.n.j.a. @ trafohaus (https://sounds.lumbung.space/library/tracks/70/) #documentafifteen #lumbungdotspace #Trafohaus